Chris Madere

Project Manager / Sr. Geoscientist

Mr. Madere is a Project Manager/Sr. Geoscientist with 16+ years of experience in the high-resolution geophysical industry.  He started his career as a student worker at GEMS in 1998, working part time while earning his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Geology at LSU.  After graduation in 2000, Mr. Madere worked as an Associated Geoscientist and worked his way up to Senior Geoscientist, before being promoted to Project Manager in 2013.  Mr. Madere received his MBA from LSU in 2015.  His duties and experience include: project team leadership, project management, proposal writing and cost estimating, 2-D and 3-D seismic data interpretation, high-resolution geophysical data interpretation, geologic modeling and assessment, pipeline planning studies, subsea field development assessments, mooring assessments, integrated geological and geotechnical studies, offshore QA/QC on high-resolution geophysical surveys, piston and box core sampling, field laboratory testing programs, report preparation, and report review.  Mr. Madere has experience across the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. east coast, eastern Mediterranean Sea, West and East Africa, and the northwest                                                                                                                     shelf of Australia.  Mr. Madere is a licensed professional                                                                                                                               geoscientist in Texas and Louisiana, and an active member of                                                                                                                     HGS and AAPG.