High-torque stroking unit

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Forum Energy Technologies’ AMC high-torque (HT) stroking machine is designed for fast and accurate makeup and breakout of threaded connections on drilling tools, well completion assemblies and other oilfield related equipment, up to a maximum torque of 250,000 ft-lb.

Optimized for efficiency and safety

The self-contained, free-standing, hydraulically powered torque machine consists of a fixed headstock and a traversing tailstock, which is available with an open-top feature to help ensure tools are loaded safely and efficiently.

Both heads feature hydraulically controlled clamp cylinders that can go from 3 to 28 in. OD, or up to the machine’s maximum diameter, without the need to change jaws between sizes. The hydraulic system works at low working pressures, eliminating the need for high-pressure hoses and fittings, lowering component costs and improving safety to the customer.

All machines are delivered with a one-year OEM warranty for peace-of-mind operation. The system is robust enough to withstand virtually every environment, including extreme heat and cold temperatures for extended and prolonged workshop use.


  • Improves the authenticity of torque readings
  • Reduces component requirements and saves downtime
  • Increases reliability
  • Decreases HSE risks


  • Accurate graph reports on threaded makeups for full authentication and traceability
  • Variable electrical supply
  • Oil cooler fitted as standard
  • Calibrated to thread manufacturers' guidelines and tolerances
  • Full OEM 12-month warranty