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  • Lube
  • BakerLOK
  • Thread-Locking Compounds

High Lubricity: Test were made using BakerLOK on one side of a standard coupling, and API modified thread dope on the other. Identical pin threads were made up into the coupling.  For the same amount of torque, the joint with BakerLOK made-up further and was cooler than the joint lubricated with standard thread dope. 


Safety Data Sheets for Bakerlok and Bakerseal products:

Forum API Modified

Forum Bakerlok (Resin)

Forum Bakerlok (Hardener)

Forum Bakerseal

Forum Copper Gaurd 4

Forum H2S Seal

Forum Irish Copper

Forum Metal Free

Forum Modified

Forum Modified Metal Free

Forum PB+2

Forum Zee-20

Forum Zee-50

Forum Zee-60

Forum Zeeseal C

Forum Zeeseal P