Type 778-100 Packer Stage Cementing Collar

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This widely accepted Davis product combines an inflatable packer and a stage cementing collar into a singular unit. The stage collar portion of this tool uses the same sleeve and mechanical systems as the field-proven Davis Type 778 Stage Cementing Collar.

The packer portion of this tool uses the same element design as the field proven Davis Type 100 Integral Casing Packer. This element consists of an inner tube housed and protected by continuous, mechanically end anchored, spring steel reinforcing strips that are leafed on top of each other. These strips are encased in an oil-resistant outer rubber. Expansion is obtained by injecting fluid into the inner tube. This injection forces partial unleafing of the steel strips which in turn stretches the outer rubber until it effects a full length seal against the bore it is run in, whether cased or open hole.