Bridge Plugs

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Solid Body Bridge Plug

The ProDrill Original Series Composite Bridge Plug is designed to be used for temporary zone isolation during stage fracs in horizontal and vertical wells. The composites used in construction allow for short drill time and ease of operation. ProDrill Original Series composites can be run with any wireline setting tool or tubing run hydraulic setting tools. Cast iron slips are hardened to wicker depth only and set in up to P110 Grade casing. Pump down rubbers are available for all sizes.

  • Available in 4 ½” and 5 ½”
  • Sets securely in up to P110 Grade casing.
  • Compact and easy running
  • 8,000 K / 275 Deg
  • 10,000 K / 300 Deg
  • 10,000 K / 350 Deg