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Geological, Geophysical, Geotechnical and Archaeological Analysis

GEMS specializes in geological, geophysical, geotechnical, and archaeological analyses that provide our clients with the insight to address their most critical issues.  Our expertise lies in the realm of oil and gas exploration and development, particularly in environments with complex geologic and/or engineering challenges. 

Our services range from providing QA/QC for data acquisition endeavors to highly detailed integrated geologic and engineering studies for regional or site-specific purposes.  We assist with permits and applications to governing and insuring agencies.  We design and implement coring, lab, and survey programs in addition to analysis and interpretation.  GEMS integrates the science of geology and geotechnics to master the art of seafloor engineering.

The GEMS Commitment

To build a premier geosciences consulting company at Forum Energy Technology that specializes in marine geology, geophysics, and geotechnical engineering.  We are a company that emphasizes proactive communication between management, employees, and clients.  We provide a family atmosphere and working environment where Company members respect and support each other and assist with mentoring and the exchange of knowledge.



Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, Inc.® (GEMS) was founded in February, 1997, to provide geoscience support to the petroleum industry. Our company has grown from a few professional geoscientists and support personnel to a large, diverse group of professional geoscientists and geotechnical engineers, support staff, contract consultants, marine archaeologists, field quality control specialists, and administrative staff.  GEMS joined Forum Energy Technologies and is continuing to expand the range of services offered to our clients.

Today, GEMS specializes in geological, geophysical, archaeology, and geotechnical analyses that provide our clients with a comprehensive, integrated report and the insight needed to address their critical concerns. In addition, GEMS provides project management and planning services, client field (QA/QC) representation, and professional consulting.


Integrating the science of geology and geotechnics to master the art of seafloor engineering.

Commitment to Employees and Clients

Our mission is to build a premier geosciences consulting company that specializes in marine geology, geophysics, archaeology, and geotechnical engineering.  We encourage proactive communication between management, employees, and clients. GEMS strives to provide a friendly and productive working environment where company members respect and support each other, assist with mentoring, and exchange knowledge.

Commitment to Quality

GEMS is a company with a foundation of success that continues to be built and strengthened by our employees. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovative approaches to achieve the integration of geologic and engineering sciences. Our goal is to exceed client expectations and ensure satisfaction. We value our long-lasting relationships with our clients, and maintain those relationships by efficient, thorough, and dependable performance on every project. As we continue to expand and mature, our capabilities in technical practices grow and our new generation of scientists and engineers develop through our company’s experience and individual mentoring. Our proactive approach to project experience, communication through respectful and encouraging interaction, and continuing education, certification, and cross-training, results in a company that leads the way to addressing and solving industry challenges.

Commitment to Safety

GEMS’ policy is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, the public, and our environment.  We believe a safe and healthy work environment impacts every aspect of a company’s success, from the quality of life to the productivity and profitability of our clients and ourselves. Led by example, all our employees take a personal responsibility to understand, promote, and follow safe practices ensuring their actions will not harm themselves or others. GEMS takes pride in maintaining our employees’ and clients’ safe work environment.

  • GEMS enforces a strict substance abuse policy and background check, including random testing of our employees and contractors.
  • GEMS provides and supports employee safety certifications, including:
    • Safe Gulf training
    • Offshore Fire Safety training
    • Helicopter Safety training
    • CPR and First Aid training
  • GEMS employees that travel offshore comply with the requirements established by the United States Office of Homeland Security for offshore personnel registration.
  • Our Houston office has been inspected by OSHA and certified to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, clients, and guests.

At GEMS, we encourage and support a safe approach to every aspect of every project our employees undertake, and we recognize that our clients demand safe workplace practices.