Mud Pump Parts

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Mud Pump Liners

Most definitely the Cadillac of the industry. What makes our liner so great? We use a proprietary hard surface coating Merriloy on all Merrimac liners. Merriloy is extremely non-corrosive and wear resistant. If you have not purchased a Merrimac liner, then you are most likely using the following wear surfaces: pig iron (chrome iron), chrome plated, carburized, flame hardened, Ceramic. With the exception of ceramics, these hard surfaces are old technology and are lacking the wear properties needed for liners. Merriloy gives you a wear surface that will greatly increase hourly run times. If you're tired of replacing expensive liners due to short runs. Tired of seeing rust and corrosion on liners because the pump sat idle, try a Merriloy liner and experience less down time and the savings on your bottom dollar.

Rod Clamps

A true market breaker! We incorporate the most important ingredient for longer lasting pistons into our heavy duty rod clamps... water! We permanently route your water through the rod clamp to within an inch of the top, back side of your piston via our Duraflex rubber hose and stainless steel tube arrangement. Friction causes heat and heat breaks down rubber. Our water system will ensure good water flow to your rubber, resulting in longer piston and liner life.

Pony Rods and Piston Rods

With top of the line spray-metal pony rods, we cut no corners on quality. Our harder surface, thicker casing and precision ground finish will be certain to out-perform the competition.

PISTON ROD: Made from a high grade alloy, equipped with elastic stop nuts and dipped in our corrosion resistant material, our triplex piston rods are sure to withstand the pounding of your pump. Our duplex piston rods are made using the same technique as our pony rods. The very finest in the field!

Piston and Rubber Products

Our revolutionary Quick Change Rubber Piston is a MUST! Our latest invention modifies the standard changeable rubber piston core that everyone has been using for the last 50 years to allow for a much safer, much faster installment when you take the old rubber off and put a new one on. It is completely interchangeable with your current set-up and will save you HOURS of down time. This is only available through Merrimac, so call us and ask for more details. You will be amazed and wonder why it was never done before!

With you choice of Changeable Rubber, Bonded Rubber, or Poly-Urethane Pistons, we are sure to have the right piston for your application. A proven track record of dominating performance keeps our customers confident in our ability to deliver quality pistons to their pumps.

Valve Assemblies

For larger well servicing mud pumps we offer full opening valves and seats. Our extremely hard surface on our valves and seats provides for excellent wear resistance unparalleled by the competition. Our brass cages provide for excellent corrosion resistance and our polyurethane inserts withstand even the most severe conditions. For the smaller pumps, such as ones used on salt-water disposal wells, we offer heat treated stainless steel valve assemblies. These are available as full-opening (A/R type) or disk type valve assembly.

Plungers, Packing and Accessories

We offer a variety of different plungers that will accommodate your needs: ceramic, spray-metal, or tungsten carbide. Our packing is available in Teflon, Kevlar, Adjustable, Non-Adjustable, Style 838, and Spring Loaded. Our packing rings are available in Teflon and Brass. Our stuffing boxes and gland nuts are manufactured from a high-grade alloy and will withstand the test of time and abuse of friction.

Centrifical Pump Parts

Providing shafts, sleeves, and impellers made from the alloy of choice, we can handle all of your needs for your centrifugal pump.

Fluid End Modules, Studs and Accessories

Made from a high grade alloy, we offer the highest quality fluid end modules available. Our L-shaped fluid end modules come with a three year warranty against cracks. Our studs and valve covers are coated with our corrosion resistant material and will be sure to give you the performance you are looking for. Please contact the Merrimac Sales Department for a complete list of fluid ends we offer.

Manufacturer Well Service Models
Aplex SC170
BJ Services Pacemaker
Continental Emsco F-350, F-500, F-750
Demay HD-500
Ellis Williams W-250-C, W-440-LP, W-446-LP
Emsco D-175, D-375, F-8090
Eweco 447
Gardner Denver COMPACT , EF-FXD , EF-FXX , FC-FXD , FC-FXX , FG-FXG , FD-FXD ,FK-FXK ,FO-FXO ,FXN ,FXO-FXO, FX-DJA ,PAH-BFB, PA-8 ,PE-5Y , PJ8 , PJHB , PK-8 , TA3-A , TA4-A , TA5-A , TEE-BFB , TEE-BEB , TEE XTREME , TGE , TGH , THE , IZ-7 , 1250 , 2250
Gaso 1550, 1849, 3664, 3673WS, 3775WS
Geo-quip C-500, C-600, H-600
Halliburton HT400
K+T 160, 165
MSI 600, TI-600, QI-1000
National JWS 165-L, 300-L, 185-L, 340-L, JWS 400, 7P50, K-380
OFM 600, 1000, 2000
Oilwell A600-PT, SA-640-5, 48-P-HD, 644
Omega W-500, 1000
OPI 350-D, 500, 600, 700 HD, 880, HDL, 1000
Pinion 5 x 5
Rough Rider 300, 500, 1000
Serva TPA 600
SJ Petro 300, 500, 600
SPM 600 Short, 600 Long, TWS-250, TWS-900, TWS-1600, TWS-2000, TWS-2250, QWS-2500
Tulsa Triplex TT-250, TT-350, TT-560, TT-680
Weatherford 2350 HDD
Worthington KPS-1

Manufacturer Drilling Models
Brewster B-1100-T, B-1300-T, B-1600-T
Bomco F1000, F-1600
Emsco F-650, F-750, F-800, F1000, FB1300, FB1600, FC2200
GD PY7, PZ-7, PZ-8, PZ-9, PZ-10, PZ-11

T800, T1000, T1300, T1600

Lewco 9W-1000, W-1000, WH-1612, W-1700, WH-2214, W-2215, W-3000
National 7-P-50, 8-P-80, 9-P-100, 10-P-130, 12-P-160, 14-P-220
Oilwell A850PT, A1100PT, A1700PT,
Southwest 2-Piece "L-Shaped" Modules for Above Models
  Both 5000 and 7500 PSI Models Available